Graphic design is artwork that is often seen but not often looked at. I want my work to stand out and for the viewer to have a positive response to it. I am interested in using contrast in my work. At times the contrast may be visual such as light and dark values, or clean and broken edges. Other times I rely upon a contrast of ideas. I also use a lot of textures and cropping that so my images take on a more abstract shape. The projects that are finished in an obscure way are more satisfying because they involve the viewer and therefore create more of a connection.

I base my work off of different things that are around me daily: images, music, even organic shapes, which make me feel a certain way. When I get a project I think about how I feel, the emotions that come to me, and how I am going to get the viewer to have a similar feeling. I work successfully when using a “grunge” style because the textures are so versatile, and therefore, I can use them to exude many different feelings. Sometimes it is not the crisp, clean style that communicates best, it is emotions underlying deep within the artwork. In using these emotions I find I have the strongest connection with the viewer.

Design & Photography